Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Installing APk file into your emulator

You can use File explorer view in Eclipse to drag files there to install into Android.

If you dont want to do it with Eclipse, you can do it in command line. You need to use "adb.exe" to do that. First add " to your path from advanced computer settings, so you can call adb from command line.

Type "cmd" add search or run screen to launch command editor. If you have the path to adb, you can call that. Start the service: adb start-server

If you see some error, you may need to manually delete old running adb.exe from your task manager.

To install file after adb daemon running, you can type "adb install C:\yourfolder\yourfile.apk". If you previously installed this, it does not replace the old app. You need to delete that from emulator. You can use menu options to go to settings->apps>your app->uninstall.

Hope, this helps you to use android emulator

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