Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gitignore settings for Android

# ignore built application files

# Java class files
# VM files
# dont need generated files
# Local configuration files
#You can copy those into gitignore.txt and then save as ".gitignore" in "all files format". 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ruby on Rails 3.0

I have created a webpage in Ruby on Rails after going through all those server setup at and all those plugins. I kinda like the CMS editor, but don't like plugin hell!

I installed one file management plugin to upload css and js files,but it was so stupid to cut off after some characters. After checking their code, i realized that they were using "Get" method to send data. I learned hard way that you should not trust those weird plugins they got. They got so many different versions and it needs to be compatible. Besides all those, I really like the scaffolding, conventions in modelling, and different view engine options. It is definitely ahead of the current MVC 3 or 4 with all those features. You may know that recent mvc features and code sharing with nuget packages are copy of RoR. You can do scaffolding with T4 templates and do the data modeling style coding with new Entity framework code first approach. They are still weak on the data migration  part, but it is coming very strong.

If you setup a server for your RoR project before, you may know all different options and little things to do. If you have limited memory on your slice, it takes some time to restart worker threads after inactivity period. They are not very efficient. I did bunch different things to make it work. Good thing is you can find everything about to start a server from scratch. You can check articles at for different server options.

Anyway, What do you think about Ruby on Rails and Asp.Net MVC?

Android ADT 14 and Android Unknown Command 'crunch'

I just setup a sample project to check out android development, but got weird error related to 'crunch' command. How is that possible with fresh sdk tools and all included eclipse package setup. It was very discouraging, but i decide to figure out a way to at least run some demos and see "hello world" in different platform versions.

Solution: You need to install this ADT 14. Yes. you need to uninstall all those old Android SDK and try again:)
I checked all necesary items in the Eclipse window. After downloading all those libraries, you should setup the SDK directory for android.

At the end, you should see references to correct version of ADT. "Hello world" will work fine now. You can create new projects from sample Android apps. It really helps to learn overall design.